Company LiveSwiss AG in Zug

The Company LiveSwiss AG in Zug is listed with this company profile on The unique identification of this portrait is HLP-9529-296846.


LiveSwiss AG
Aegeriestrasse 8
6300 Zug

041 218 81 81

The company entry with the ID HLP-9529-296846 belongs to LiveSwiss AG in Aegeriestrasse 8, 6300 Zug and has been entered on since 20.09.2019.

LiveSwiss AG in Zug has the legal form Company limited by shares and registered in the swiss commercial register in the canton of Zug. Zug is a canton in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and is part of the greater region of Central Switzerland and the Zurich metropolitan area. The capital and also the largest place is the eponymous city of Zug.

Latitude and longitude coordinates for LiveSwiss AG in Aegeriestrasse 8, 6300 Zug are: 47.1660251 and 8.5166302. The unique identification commercial register number for LiveSwiss AG is CH-

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