Post CH Ltd: “World’s best postal service” for the third time

Die Schweizerische Post AG

09.10.2019, Swiss Post has scored a hat-trick and is the “world’s best postal service” once again. It has achieved the top ranking in the annual Universal Postal Union study for the third time in a row.

Out of 172 postal organizations evaluated around the world, the Netherlands and Germany also took their place on the podium along with Switzerland. Roberto Cirillo, Swiss Post CEO, is delighted by this acknowledgement of service quality.

He emphasizes that this award is first and foremost thanks to Swiss Post’s staff, who work day and night with great dedication to guarantee the best possible service. Having achieved first place in the Integrated Index for Postal Development (2IPD) in 2017 and 2018, Swiss Post has now done it again for the third time in a row. From the UPU’s perspective, Swiss Post is still the world’s best postal service. Swiss Post is extremely pleased about this hat-trick in the UPU study.

“The title ‘world’s best postal service’ reflects the impressions I have gathered at Swiss Post”, says CEO Roberto Cirillo. “I’d like to thank all the employees who do an excellent job day after day and night after night.” However, in his view, the award also highlights an obligation to continue to deliver first- class quality. “We’ll do our utmost to continue to make a significant contribution for the economy and the public in Switzerland going forward.”

Top marks for Swiss Post
In its study, the UPU once again awarded top marks to Swiss Post in the resilience and relevance areas, where it achieved the maximum score of 100 points. Elsewhere, Swiss Post improved its scores in the categories of reliability and reach in relation to last year. The Dutch postal service (2nd place with 93.7 points) won a place on the podium as did its German counterpart (3rd place with 90.8 points). Switzerland’s other neighbours France (5th place with 86.9 points) and Austria (6th place with 85.3 points) are also near the top of the rankings. Italy came 13th (previous year: 28th) with 71.4 points.

CEO Roberto Cirillo will personally accept the award tomorrow, Wednesday 9 October, during a presentation at the Universal Postal Union headquarters in Berne.

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