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17.06.2020, To further improve the shopping experience, Coop is launching omnichannel platform today. The new website merges the existing websites of Coop@home, and Mondovino. Customers now have the benefit of a single platform where they can conveniently and easily do all their shopping and also find related recipes and comprehensive information about each product.

As of today, in addition to weekly offers and collection promotions, customers will also find an extensive online shop on omnichannel platform, which replaces the old Coop@home and Mondovino websites. The new platform enables customers to do all their shopping quickly, easily and conveniently, and combines bricks-and-mortar with the online shop. In tandem, the new Coop app is being launched, which meets the very latest mobile standards and brings together the previous apps.

«With the new omnichannel platform, we are revolutionizing our online presence,» says Philippe Huwyler, Head of «Our customers will now find all our offerings, from food and wine to recipes and information, in a central location.»

Perfect blend of bricks-and-mortar and online shop
At the heart of Coop's new omnichannel presence is the holistic shopping experience, from planning to purchase. Now, for instance, customers can write a shopping list and retrieve it on the new Coop app in store.From now on, the availability of all products and promotions will be shown in any branch of choice in real time. Importantly, customers can link the new platform to their Supercard account and take advantage of all the benefits of the extensive customer programme.

Comprehensive information about each product
Coop drew on its many years of experience in online food retail when developing the platform. Tried-and-tested functions, such as a product's nutritional values, have been retained and new information that was previously lacking has been incorporated. Just as key as combining foods and wine was the decision to integrate comprehensive information about each product. When searching for an item, recipes and knowledge pages will now also be displayed, and the other products needed for a recipe can be added straight to the shopping basket.

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