Stable figures at a high level - Swiss commercial register figures in July 2022


29.07.2022, Zurich - The commercial register figures are still at a high level and are convincing in this summer with stability. Nevertheless, the summer slump is also to be expected for 2022 and will be very probably come in August. After the coming slump in the numbers, the numbers but then rise rapidly again in the autumn and hopefully a flourishing Swiss economy in the autumn demonstrate.

In July 2022, 4,220 new companies were founded. This is 6% down on the previous month and 5% less than last year. The figures show that new registrations are at a high level located and stable.

Statistik Neugründungen per Juli 2022

With 2,642 deletions in July, the numbers are light again compared to the previous month and the previous year down, more precisely by 7% in the previous month and by 3% in the previous year. These numbers also speak for one currently very stable economy. In July there was even a slight upward trend in the number of deletions of the past few months, which have risen steadily over the past few months.

16,374 mutations have currently been registered. This is only 0.4% more than in the previous month and 18% less than last year. The previous year's figures are still due to the 2021 change in the law enjoy with caution. The current mutation numbers are like the start-ups and Deletion also at a stable high level and support the image of a well working Swiss economy.

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